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Build a Commercial Real Estate Empire

Iconic Investor, Mentor, Educator & Philanthropist, Ben built a $500MM Commercial Real Estate empire from scratch with billions in transactions.

Learn the strategies & mindset for you to do the same.
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“I’m passionate about helping others create massive financial wealth and complete freedom through learning to invest in Commercial Real Estate. If you ever thought you wanted to play in the big leagues, let me show you how!”
– Ben Reinberg
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Why I Own It

I love sharing with new investors, entrepreneurs and committed wealth builders the strategies and mindset I used to build a half-billion dollar commercial real estate portfolio, and how to level up your game to achieve extraordinary results in this sector.

I started building my real estate empire when I was 24 years old.

At that time, I had nothing but shoe leather and a lot of hustle. I came from a normal family with no significant wealth, no experience in investing and no connections at all.

Starting with my first boring corporate job, I was inspired by a Billionaire that I was doing tax work for to pivot my life and focus on a different strategy than working 9-5.

I hired a good real estate mentor, learned his system and I got the loan for my first deal approved with no track record in property development; because the numbers stacked up. I believed in my ability to pull off the deal and so did the bank.

I learned my first lesson in investing in commercial real estate – when you know how to spot a good deal, you will always have the financing you need to go all the way.

I have spent the past 30 years since tirelessly building up my portfolio and firm, Alliance, driven by my goal to create a great company that gives superior value to all stakeholders.

Today I own $500MM+ in assets and learned massive lessons about creating major wealth on this business and life journey.

The secret to my success is to continually refine the most cutting edge investment strategies, surround myself with the best people and condition my mind to do the biggest deals. Above all, I ensure that every day I cultivate the mindset to close the biggest deals, learn & grow from the wisest investors and be able to protect all those I love.

I did not succeed alone. I always empowered my team and created the conditions for them to perform at their best. And they did.

I want to share with you the wisdom I have acquired in commercial real estate investing and help you develop the skills and leadership it takes to create your own empire. 

Ben Reinberg

How will ‘I OWN IT‘ help you create wealth & freedom?

When I was 8 years old when I started my first business venture. Bars in the 1980s were selling cigarettes at $2 a pack. I saw that drugstores were selling them at $1. I figured out how to get an older friend to go into the drugstore and buy the cigarettes for me, agreed on profit sharing with him, and then sold them in the bars, making a nice profit in the process.

My model for investing today is the same as it was in the 80’s. Find an opportunity, manage any obstacle, find a person (financier) that can help, help them back and then made a profit. This has been the blueprint to growing my company.

With the right mindset, moving through fear or concern, having an advisor guide me and taking massive action – you like me can have massive wealth results.

This is what I OWN IT is about. Learning my refined and proprietary strategies and developing the mindset and leadership skills to take your game to the next level and create incredible wealth and freedom.

Systems & Growth Blueprints

Having launch and growth systems in place are essential to getting deals done, building up your brand, and charting your growth. The I OWN IT Program is a holistic business program that addresses the balance between skillset and mindset.
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I Own It - Trainings & Mentoring

Let’s partner… I want to save you years of trial & error, hard work and mistakes in your journey through building a commercial real estate portfolio.

My programs can get you there faster, saving you from costly mistakes and get you better results!
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How we achieved 25% IRR for our investors and sustainably 2x their money.
Money is Freedom
Money in itself is of little value. What you do with it is what makes the difference. After a lifetime of building wealth, today I invest my time and money into others to help them make a positive impact on society and the world. 
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360 Degree Success – Mind, Body & MOney

Ben Reinberg
Ben is known for his 360 degree view on success. Knowledge, mindset and health make up a fundamental ecosystem for Ben’s top investor strategy. A healthy mind and body with unparalleled proven strategies fuels self-confidence which creates a positive reality around you. This allows you to lead effectively, identify life-changing opportunities and better close commercial real estate deals. 
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A commercial real estate mogul aside, Ben is also a fitness, personal development and wine enthusiast.

When he says “I Own It” he isn’t just talking about the significant amount of commercial real estate assets his company owns. “I Own It” represents so much more. From our daily food intake, who we surround ourselves with, our emotions and personal commitments, mindset and more.

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