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“I’m passionate about helping others create massive financial wealth and complete freedom through learning to invest in Commercial Real Estate. If you ever thought you wanted to play in the big leagues, let me show you how!”
– Ben Reinberg
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How Ready Are You To Get The Funding You Need?

Take your first step towards building your commercial real estate portfolio by downloading for FREE the financial assessment tools I used to build my half-billion dollar portfolio.

I still use these assessment tools and they have been perfected over the years. Level up your game to create the business and lifestyle you want.

Ever Wanted to Know Which Are The Hottest Real Estate Markets In The US And Where You Get The Best ROI?

Download FREE our national survey listing the Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Markets in America today and how they are performing, as well as their respective multi-year forecasts

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Find The Commercial Real Estate Niche That Works For You

There are many types of investment profiles in commercial property. Finding the one that best suits your temperament and skillsets is key to creating a great real estate portfolio.

The Mindset of a Commercial Real Estate Mogul

Download FREE this video and transcript to discover how Ben Reinberg built his Commercial Real Estate Empire and the secrets to managing people and closing great deals that make you lots of money.

Ben’s top 10 interviews

I Own It - Top 10 Interviews Series
Download FREE Ben’s Top 10 interviews and get the transcripts so you can learn from some of the best minds in the real estate sector how they have succeeded and where they see the market developing in the future.
Ben Reinberg - I Own It - Podcast
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A commercial real estate mogul aside, Ben is also a fitness, personal development and wine enthusiast.

When he says “I Own It” he isn’t just talking about the significant amount of commercial real estate assets his company owns. “I Own It” represents so much more. From our daily food intake, who we surround ourselves with, our emotions and personal commitments, mindset and more.

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